Hi, my name is Noelia La Manna


I’m 33 years old and for the last few years I’ve been helping companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs to grow in social networks.

I am characterized by being restless, creative, curious, methodical but above all resolute.

About my training


I have a degree in Public Relations and since I graduated I knew that the conjunction between communication and the digital area are key for companies and SMEs to develop successfully, so I specialized in different universities and schools on integrated marketing, finally arriving to the digital area where I settled.



 I am developing my brand in the B2B field, helping SMEs and entrepreneurs creating my own community with the aim of launching my online courses.

In my free time I enjoy the outdoors, rollerblading, walking with my doggy daughters, getting together with friends and family.

I do not believe in magic formulas but if there is one thing I am convinced of, it is that with creative ideas, attitude and dedication, you can change your reality and transform it into what you want to be happy.

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